These are the people behind this project. We're working on it in our spare time only - beside our fulltime jobs. But we're doing this because we have fun with it. We know that this task is not easy and we could even fail. Beside time, motivation is the biggest problem creating such a large project. We'd appreciate if you like what we do, encourage us or even support us :-)



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If you think that you can contribute something to this project do not hesitate to contact us. We can't pay any money but you will be listed in the credits and as part of our team
If you would like to contact us, please send us an e-mail:  . If you would like to participate in our project, please briefly write to which topic you could contribute something and then perhaps add some demonstration material of your skills :-)
Note: The naming of the e-mail address is expressly NOT connected with the permission to send us unsolicited advertising. It serves exclusively the establishment of contact in the context of the online offer of! In case of non-observance we reserve the right to take legal action against you.