This is a test if it is possible to create a nice looking 3D landscape to drive around with the Planet Exploration Vehicle (PEV).

And it really makes fun though there is still a lot of work to do. But the basic concept works and even the representation of the different Planet types looks better than I’ve expected first.

You can either drive around in an bird’s eye view or a 3rd Person View. The heightmap is used directly from my Brush Planet algorithm, so when you’re orbiting a Planet you choose a sector where to land and it’ll represent this sector in 3D with much more details.

The PEV has a strong spotlight capable of lighting the landscape when you’re driving on the night side of the Planet. You can collect Ore lumps and return them to the ship.

It has a built-in shield against thermic and kinetic attack, so you won’t melt on a molten Planet surface and you can even drive on Magma or Water.

Future plans are that the Heightmap is created continously on the fly as you drive around on the planet resulting in a seamless exploration without sectors. But this will be a very tough part to code.


Demo Controls
Input Description
Launch options none, has a GUI selector
Left Mouse Button Toggle Shield
Right Mouse Button Toggle View
Esc Quit
WASD Movement
X Full Stop
F Toggle Fog
E Toggle Spotlight
Q Toggle Automove
PgUpPgDn Toggle Spotlight Range
123 Speed
Space Turbo (Speed 3)
Arrow Keys Control Sun Angle and Elevation
TAB Toggle Wireframe
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