These older planet experiments are the ancestor of the Brush Planet algorithm based on my Planet Creator code.

They have a cool space to surface transition effect with their atmospheres (if available) so don’t miss the demo and the four videos below. I don’t know which planet template is the best but my favourite is the Jupiter with its rotating clouds.

Because I’ve been disappointed with the polar distortion and the poor Temperate Planet template I started working on the Temperate Planet demo, which is more advanced than this one (but with no atmosphere transition effect yet). The Demo music is from the great musician Kevin MacLeod and licensed under the CC-BY.


Demo Controls
Input Description
Launch options demo.exe [width] [height] [fullscreen] [sectorx] [sectory]
Notice Sector X/Y is limited to 0…255 and should not exceeded!
Left Mouse Button Zoom in
Right Mouse Button Zoom out
Esc Quit
Space Quit
V Toogle Vsync
G Toggle Radar Mode
R Toggle Raster
N Toggle Nebulae
Q Toggle Stars
I Toggle Infos
12 Toggle Galaxy Texture / Galaxy Detail Texture
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