This is a small test program how to control a lot of Asteroids and implement a Freelancer-like steering. The quad engine controls 25000 asteroid quads right now but it could handle even more at a decent FPS rate.

Beside the asteroids I tested a technique known as "DOT3 mapping" on the ship model, which is a replica of the Wing Commander 1 "Hornet" type ship and a great work by Travis Baldree. The lighting looks more realisitic with DOT3, together with as simple made bloom filter. No shaders are used here, this is simple OpenGL 1.x…

Demo Video
Demo Controls
Input Description
Launch options demo.exe [width] [height] [fullscreen]
Left Mouse Button Shoot (rudimentary implementation)
Right Mouse Button Engine booster
Esc Quit
V Toggle Vsync
B Toggle Bloomfilter
M Toggle Milkyway background color (blue / red)
Q Toggle Ship model
I Show/Hide additional Key functions
G Toggle Planet Glow
N Toggle DOT3 lighting
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