A 2001 like Scene<em>© Christian Hart</em>
A 2001 like Scene
Extrasolar Origin will be no "Massive-Multiplayer-PVP-Shoot-Everyone-Else-Game" or one of these 4X games (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate). I don't like many of the space games as they are often only about fighting, making money, conquering the galaxy, killing aliens and other brainless garbage. My game will be different.

First - there will be no money as you won't need money. It's more about curiosity, philosophy, reflecting society, looking ahead, human arrogance and the meaning of life. I wouldn't even call this an Indie game as my target audience is primary - myself.

Second - I want to create a game I've never seen before, with elements I loved in other games so much and combine them with a story, my personality and humor that everything still makes sense and fun. Some of you will find this boring and some most interesting.

And Third - I don't try to suit everybody. I just want to know if I can do it. That's all. Like climbing on a mountain top, climbing because the mountain is there. And when I find a nice place along the hiking trail, with a bench and a beautiful view, I'll sit down, rest and think about if I'll go further uphill or stay there because it can't get better. Yes, this describes it good.

And what about you, the potential player? Well, you can sit back, enjoy watching the game's development and finally - when I've finished it - play it, too - free and unlimited. If you like it I'll be happy and if you don't like it it's ok, too.