A galaxy full of stars<em>© Christian Hart</em>
A galaxy full of stars
Although the story is not finished yet, the setting currently looks like this: it is the year 2200 and you are a Pilot in a secret Moonbase on the far side of the moon. The purpose of this lunar base is the research of alien activity in the solar system including Earth and Moon in the past and this is considered as top secret. In these highly secret investigations a badly damaged alien spaceship was - among other things - discovered and explored decades ago.

That spaceship has an unknown source of energy, an antigravity unit and appears to have even an interstellar drive. The research on these new technologies are very advanced and we are about to recreate it and build our own interstellar space ship now.

The Commander recruits new crews to command a fleet of new Spaceship to explore extrasolar Star Systems and find the origin of the aliens who built it.

And you will slip into the role of one of these Spaceship Captains.