Game Design

Planet Exploration Vehicle<em>© Christian Hart</em>
Planet Exploration Vehicle
I'm still in an early game design stage, created many Tech Demos to see if certain concepts are possible and still writing the Story. In the next phase I'll create a basic Prototype to test the whole game concept. In the last stage I'll turn this Prototype into an eyecandy Alpha candidate. In the meantime you can visit the Screenshots, Videos and Downloads section to find out more about the current progress.

The player should feel alone and abandoned in the vastness of space, but not feel lost. Beside that, you'll learn a lot of the universe and its wonders. You should get the feeling to be a real Explorer and go where no one had gone before. A bit like in Star Trek but still different. You will be able to fly around quietly, occasionally have trouble or provoke this while having a lot of fun as there will be many funny incidents you won't expect there.

The Milkyway<em>© Christian Hart</em>
The Milkyway
One of my main objectives is to give the game a great depth that it does not become boring. The graphic presentation is secondary and the universe won't be 100% realistic (otherwise it will be very boring), but "believable realistic" enough and I will do my best to make it look good enough. There will be no 400 billion star systems like in other games to visit as this is ridiculous too large for a single player game.

The galaxy will be as large as perhaps 128 x 128 x 32 sectors with about 500 - 1,000 star systems in each sector, procedurally calculated. Each star will have between 0 and 10 larger planets to visit and perhaps moons, too. So if you want to replay the game in a different sector, we have a maximum of 524,288 sectors to chose from, each one with 500 - 1,000 stars which gives about 5,000-6,000 planets in each sector. This should be more than enough.

The size of a planet won't be realistic as you could drive around on only one of such a planet for your whole life. So they are much, much smaller and more simplified, but still large enough to get lost.