Class K Star Concept<em>© Christian Hart Background: ESO/APEX/ATLASGAL consortium/NASA/GLIMPSE consortium/ESA/Planck</em>
Class K Star Concept
What is this game about? It is called Extrasolar Origin because I've always been interested in extrasolar Planets and Ancient Astronauts. I've registered this domain back in 2000 and had absolutely no clue what to do with it, I just wanted to own it.

But now, finally - nearly 20 years later - I decided to use this old name for something new. An old dream, an idea that's been in my head for a long time.

To give you a first impression about the basic gameplay concept I try to put it all in one sentence (if you can't explain the game concept in one sentence, the concept is too complicated already and should be reviewed again):


From a fixed Base in the Solar System you can explore the Galaxy with a Spaceship, visit other Star Systems, land on Planets and encounter Alien Races out there.

Sounds familar? No? Some elements are similar to very old Amiga games like Starflight or Millennium 2.2 if you remember these. Starflight became Mass Effect and Millennium became Deuteros. I've enjoyed all of them but my game will be different from all of these titles. Extrasolar Origin is no classic remake, it is something new, more a crossover with new elements.


Molten Planet<em>© Christian Hart</em>
Molten Planet
Oh well, again another guy who wants to create a large scale space game huh? So many other guys failed with their projects. I wouldn't start if I don't think I could do it. But yes, there are some risks that I could fail, too.

First, I'm doing this beside my full-time job in my spare time only. Its hard to self-motivate after a long day of work, with traffic jams, shopping with my wife, care for my old rabbit, meeting with friends, the "real life".

And Second - creating a game takes a lot of time and I'm doing this alone right now. And I always have phases where I stop working on it and do other things or play a game or watch an unseen TV series which can take some weeks. But in the last years I always came back, launched my IDE and went on.

Well, let's see if I can finish it. I won't give it up without a serious reason.