A Molten Planet is a type of terrestrial planet, with a surface mostly or entirely covered by molten lava. Molten planets would probably orbit extremely close to their parent star.

Situations where such planets could exist include a young terrestrial planet just after its formation, a planet that has recently suffered a large collision event, or a planet orbiting very close to its star, causing intense irradiation and tidal forces.

Orbiting close to their parent star, the intense stellar irradiation could melt the surface crust directly into lava.

The entire illuminated surface of a tidally locked planet could be left covered in lava oceans while the dark side may have lava lakes, or even rock rain caused by the condensation of vaporized rock from the hotter side.

EBIS (Extrasolar Body Information System):

Category EBIS Details
Temperature very high
Pressure variable
Landing possible
Risk PEV shields must be enabled all the time
Life not possible
Minerals available
Terraformable not possible
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