Hot Jupiters are a class of extrasolar planets whose characteristics are similar to Jupiter, but that have high surface temperatures because they orbit very close – between approximately 0.015 and 0.5 astronomical units to their parent stars.

The mass cannot be greater than approximately 13.6 Jupiter masses because then the planet would start burning deuterium and become a brown dwarf.

They are likely to have extreme and exotic atmospheres due to their short periods, relatively long days, and tidal locking.

Atmospheric dynamics models predict strong vertical stratification with intense winds and super-rotating equatorial jets driven by radiative forcing and the transfer of heat and momentum.

EBIS (Extrasolar Body Information System):

Category EBIS Details
Temperature very high
Pressure very high
Landing not possible
Risk high pressure would crush your ship
Life not possible
Minerals not possible
Terraformable not possible
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