A hot Neptune is a type of giant planet with a mass similar to that of Uranus or Neptune in an orbit close to its star, normally less than 1 AU.

Neptune for example is 17 times the mass of Earth and is slightly more massive than its near-twin Uranus, which is 15 times the mass of Earth and slightly larger than Neptune.

Both have compositions that differ from those of the larger gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn. The normally solid ice components of this planet class liquefy due to higher sunlight and appear as gases in the respective planetary atmosphere.

Such planets were long considered hypothetical. Also conceivable is a rock and iron core with a pressure of over one million bar and a temperature from 7000 to 9000 Kelvin.

EBIS (Extrasolar Body Information System):

Category EBIS Details
Temperature very high
Pressure very high
Landing not possible
Risk high pressure would crush your ship
Life not possible
Minerals not possible
Terraformable not possible
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