A Desert Planet is a type of terrestrial planet with very little or no water at all, to distinguish from the Arid planet.

Typical Desert planets can be cold like the planet Mars or hot like the planet Venus, but not frozen. In contrast to Moonlike Planets they have always an atmosphere with strong winds and dust storms.

Sometimes they are called “failed Earths” as they are too dry to bear life like we know it. Only microbe lifeforms are possible here.

It is predicted that Earth will become a desert planet within a billion years due to the Sun’s increasing luminosity. A study concluded that hot desert planets without runaway greenhouse effect can exist in 0.5 AU around Sun-like stars.

In that study, it was concluded that a minimum humidity of 1% is needed to wash off carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but too much water can act as a greenhouse gas itself.

Higher atmospheric pressures increase the range in which the water can remain liquid.

EBIS (Extrasolar Body Information System):

Category EBIS Details
Temperature variable
Pressure variable
Landing possible
Risk powerful Thunderbolt strikes within dust storms
Life unlikely
Minerals available
Terraformable sometimes possible
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