cosmopedia engineering probe

A Probe is a small Satellite that is able to completely scan an entire extrasolar Star System. It is equipped with an Interstellar Drive and an advanced Sensor Array.

If you want to know whether it is worthwhile to visit a particular System, then the Probe is the correct choice. A scan includes data on the central Star and the number and physical properties of its Planets. A low-resolution Map of each Planet is also created.

For high-resolution images, it is however necessary to visit the respective Planets directly. Once started, it can not return again, so it is a disposable product (but very useful).

The transmitted data is sent via hyperspace radio back to the Moon Base and after transmitting the data, the Probe will be automatically directed into the central Star to leave no space junk behind (it’s an environmentally friendly Probe )

It is believed that since the scan process and the hyperspace radio transmission can not be hidden, it is likely that Alien Species could pay attention to the Probe.

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