The space telescope is a very advanced Telescope to scan extrasolar Star Systems directly from the Solar System. It is stationed at the Lagrange Point L2 and consists of several reflector mirrors, each at a distance of several million kilometers to the other.

This provides a Resolution that corresponds to the results of a probe – but you get the scan data faster this way than with a probe.

Detailed data on the central star is already available seconds after the start of the scan. However, data on the planets needs to be collected over several days, because the orbits must be closely monitored and calculated.

But all larger planets are recognized in this process. A low-resolution map of each planet is also created. For high-resolution images, it is however necessary to visit the respective planets directly.

Compared to the Probe, the advantage of the space telescope is that the scan is carried out indirectly from the solar system and therefore no alien species could pay attention to us.

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