news progress video

Currently working on the Star System visualization. Here you’ll see the central star, in this demo a F-Type star. All done in Blitzmax+MiniB3D. It is a spherized segmented textured cube with additional glowing sprites and attached animated flares using animated textures only.

Actually the flares are two single surface meshes with clever quad manipulation plus texture animation. One mesh consists of perpendicular quads aligned to the surface and the other mesh contains the outer flares, perpendicular too but rotated 90° which gives this nice flare effect.

Each mesh has a different “explosion” texture, the flat ones viewed from the top and the side flares viewed from the side. With Blend Mode 3 the star and its flares look like it burns very hot and is active. The flat quads create a bubble like effect on the surface and it looks like hot gas.

I first experimented with animated noise but I was very unhappy with the texture resolution and the speed so I started with animated textures like I used for the outer flares. It could look better with shaders but I want to keep it simple in the first run.

The Milkyway background has been completely revised. It consists of a cylindrical panorama base texture with added detail stars and nebula detail textures which gives a very high resolution. Additional fixed stars on a single surface mesh are added and blend nicely with the background.

It runs very fast and even I’m a perfectionist I’m very happy with the results. Play it in fullscreen.